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Counseling and Wellness, PLLC

How it Originated

Author Shannon Bream inspired the name through her book, The Women of the Bible Speak”, which entails the wisdom of 16 women in the bible and their lessons for today. The book provides a sense of hope and light to the reader. When women of God speak, you’re wise to listen, take notes, and learn. With that being said, I realized that when I speak, it’s full of wisdom and provides hope and reassurance to individuals’ lives and circumstances. The mission of VicNikolSpeaks: Counseling and Wellness, PLLC is to inspire, motivate, uplift, encourage and support all individuals through life’s challenges and transitions.

It's time to uproot the unhealthy seeds that were planted by life or people that have caused weeds like hurt, anger, shame, etc. to grow inside of you and replant seeds of healing, love, peace, joy, and freedom. You have the power to replant healing. It’s time to grow! What you water grows! Are you watering seeds of healing or your seeds of hurt? Let’s dig in!

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Counseling Services: Welcome
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Self-Pay Rates and Insurance

VicNikolSpeaks: Counseling and Wellness are now accepting Aetna insurance and self-pay clients only. Superbills are provided for insurance reimbursement. Our contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Medcost is currently underway.

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Counseling towards your growth and healing!

Now offering appointments for individual counseling services, in person and virtual through a self-pay rate. Take the next step towards your individual growth and healing. It's time to grow!

Counseling Services: Price List
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Now offering individual counseling services in person and virtually through a self-pay rate. It's time to grow!

Client Portal

If you are a current client, needing to book a session or reschedule your session, you may access the portal here!

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